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Sweet | Gamer | Crafty | Meticulous

1 // I Am Sweet

Achieved using a mix of colour pencils, permanent marker and watercolour wash.

IMG_0114Started with a watercolour wash and colour pencils – looking good!

picture copy 2Beehive! Looks a little overpowering but we shall continue!

picture-1Wow, the words don’t stand out as much.

20160211_172745 copy 2Looking much better after defining!

2 // I Am A Gamer

Achieved by creating letters in a game called Terraria using blocks of different ‘material’, and then taking a screenshot. Or multiple.

Capture 2016-01-19 14_49_46I love this one – but it’s not A5 🙁

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.52.33 PMHere’s a better aspect ratio!

Capture 2016-01-19 14_53_11It’s almost daytime!

20160211_172803 copyFinally mounted on some mounting board 🙂


3 // I Am Crafty

Achieved by folding and scrunching scrap fabrics into letters and gluing them onto more scrap fabric. I also added some clasps and fasteners to decorate the empty spaces, as well as a bow.

20160214_150731 copy 2The little bow made from some extra scraps 🙂

20160214_150723 copy 2One side of a magnet clasp.

20160214_150716 copy 2

The wrinkles and folds of the letter ‘I’ are very obvious here. I used one side of a snap fastener for the tittle of the ‘I’ too.

20160214_150702-01 copy 2

The final piece! But wait…

20160214_151043 copy

It’s too big ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

4 // Meticulous

Achieved with 0.05 and 0.1 diameter micron pens on paper. And many many hours. MANY. Hours.


References from Instagram

picture-6 copy 2

Pencil work for the text!

picture-5 copy 2

And so the end of my Chinese New Year Break begins!

20160211_172845 copy

Many years later, I’ve inked in the text as well as penciled in guides for the ornaments and flourishes 😀


Finally good LORD and now I am 84 years old. And very OCD.