Project 3: Ego


New Doc 11_12

Fungi (Fun Guy) (Punny) – 1/12

New Doc 11_11

+ Silly – 2/12

New Doc 11_10

= Me – 3/12

New Doc 11_9

Ideas – 4/12

New Doc 11_8

– Artist’s Block – 5/12

New Doc 11_7

= A Better Me – 6/12

New Doc 11_6

Confidence – 7/12

New Doc 11_5

× Love – 8/12

New Doc 11_4

= An Ideal Me – 9/12

New Doc 11_3

Professionalism – 10/12

New Doc 11_2

+ Jobs – 11/12

New Doc 11_1

= Me in 5 Years – 12/12


New Doc 12_1 New Doc 12_2 New Doc 12_3 New Doc 12_4 New Doc 12_5 New Doc 12_6 New Doc 12_7

Project 2: Nursery Rhymes


NurseryRhyme1final copy NurseryRhyme2final copy NurseryRhyme6final copy NurseryRhyme7final copy



Three blind mice, see how they run


They all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife


The cat and the fiddle

NurseryRhyme11 NurseryRhyme12 NurseryRhyme13 NurseryRhyme14 NurseryRhyme15 NurseryRhyme16 NurseryRhyme17 NurseryRhyme18 NurseryRhyme19

The cow jumped over the moon

NurseryRhyme21 NurseryRhyme22 NurseryRhyme23

The little dog laughed to see such a sport


And the dish ran away with the spoon


There was an old man whose nose

NurseryRhyme51 NurseryRhyme52

Most birds of the air could repose

NurseryRhyme61 NurseryRhyme62 NurseryRhyme63 NurseryRhyme64

But they all flew away at the closing of day

NurseryRhyme71 NurseryRhyme72 NurseryRhyme73 NurseryRhyme74 NurseryRhyme75 NurseryRhyme76

Three blind mice


She had so many children she didn’t know what to do


Here is my handle, here is my spout


The Dot Walked – And Now It’s a Line


(1/4)New Doc 10_12

(2/4)New Doc 10_13

(3/4)New Doc 10_11(4/4)New Doc 10_14


Ambiguous – A lack of obvious meaning or interpretation, I achieved this by coating some twine in black ink and running this under the press. The resulting shape does not look like it was made by any one object or method, illustrating ambiguity.New Doc 10_9

Spontaneous – Happening without planning or external stimuli, the splat from this spatula in a random way on the paper was a completely spontaneous decision. Black ink was used on the spatula, as well as smeared onto linoleum and then mono-printed onto the paper as a background. New Doc 10_10

Turbulent – Not stable, the opposite of calm. Black ink was splattered onto the page in a haphazard manner, and then smeared and scratched in with a spatula, mimicking movement and chaos upwards, with sharp edges to show tension.New Doc 10_8



(1/7)New Doc 10_7

(2/7)New Doc 10_6

(3/7)New Doc 10_5

(4/7)New Doc 10_4

(5/7)New Doc 10_3

(6/7)New Doc 10_2

(7/7)New Doc 10_1