Project 2: Impossibilities of Being

Password: 4D


My sequence is based on the transformation of a person through makeup in 3 different settings: school, shopping and concert. The makeup is the lightest for school, followed by shopping and the heaviest for the concert. The images represent the different moods and formalities of each location, and how people change depending on their environment. The 3 mini-series are composed similarly to each other, with a photo from each series having a counterpart from each other series.

Mona Hoobehfekr – She did a series on make up in Iran, where she took photos of women and their make up after wearing the hijab became compulsory and women started to feel more self conscious. I tried to replicate her photos of make up in my series by taking photos of mine for each set of photos.



Subtle changes in appearance can elevate one’s physical appearance to suit the environment or situation he or she is in. Make up has become a formlity in which we introduce ourselves to a situation or environment through our physical appearance. It aids in setting the proper register of behaviour for the setting. Through this assignment, I’ve grown to be in tune to intrinsic human behaviours that express themselves subtly through small things like putting make up.