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Perspective: tensions & complex behaviors

Design Fiction (Challenges of smart home devices) 

We live in an increasingly technologically mediated world; this project looks at the challenges of smart devices that are designed to deliver to replace human care givers.

The ubiquitous future of the application of smart objects are gaining popularity; many devices are designed as objects/robots to connect, network and promote and keep track of tasks and certain behaviours. In this research example Superflux Lab explored the context of elderly healthcare and remote tracking. The concern behind it is to reflect on how some of the more complex human behaviors affect the effectivity of these design experience and address some of these questions:

  1. As physical objects in the home become embedded with increasing smartness and autonomy, what relationships do we form with them? 
  2. What role does human agency play in a world where mundane objects and environments begin to gain a level of agency and autonomy? 
  3. How will smart objects and devices influence the rhythms and routines of our lives, and ours to theirs, and how will this in turn change our cultures, beliefs and preferences?

I thought that the key questions they raised for their research are interesting and might be applicable to our projects, if not they are stimulating to think about too.