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Watercolor Critique


Painting 1: Autumn scene

Painting 2: Dusk with contrasting white walls

For both paintings, I worked on the same image but creating different moods.

Working on a big piece and on Arches Rough paper, I find it rather difficult to control my brush, watercolor, drying and color. As I work on one area, I also make the conscious effort to work on other areas too, for harmony; in case each area gets segregated as I work on small sections.

Feedback was that more drawing is needed to define and hide some edges so we know what we are seeing. Also, the brush strokes need more control.

Watercolor Painting (Studies)

Artists Inspiration: Edward Sterling & Frank Webb

I am interested in the use of shapes and colors in the artists’ works and find it interesting how Webb used limited palette in his color study below: 


Photographic References, outskirts of Philadelphia, USA in the fall:


Tonal Studies

 ( I tried building on layers like Webb did, however dull colors due to insufficient pigment)

Feedback was that the tonal studies work well, but not the shapes as I was working on the photograph, as it is not yet designed.


Shapes Study; deconstructed

Tonal and color studies