3rd Presentation Slides & Questions

Comments from lecturers

• Netflix might have copyright issues with me using their assets as part of my FYP, thus might be a problem when I put this project in my portfolio. Since there is a Singapore Netflix office he suggested for me to pitch it to Netflix. However, seems supportive of me combining two types of service – online shopping and physical store.

• Should the design show close connection with the brand? How will the physical aspect of my project look like > Is it meant to release stress?


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  1. I hope your meeting with Jackson went well. I think we should pitch it to Netflix and allow them to use it in your FYP. The concept is not ripe enough now to show though. Maybe in January… I think you are doing well. Remember you have to break out of your knowledge/experience base and imagine a new paradigm… Slowly you will get the confidence to do it every time. Now I can hand hold you through…

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