Lower & Upper Pierce Reservoir

With Peer’s recommendation, I went tripping to Upper and Lower Pierce Reservoir to observe outdoor activities. Peer referred the preferred entrance to an open area as an unmarked road on Google maps. Not being sure of the location, the first road I picked to enter was Old Upper Thomson Road.

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Time: 10.30am
Date: 11 September, Sunday


Home-maker with daughter and husband

Drove to the secluded location, for the clearer and cleaner park.

Her purpose for being there is to touch ground, have a breather, enjoy the natural elements. She welcomed me to share her bench and exchanged stories about each other’s families. 3 kids in her family, with the eldest at 29, and the youngest at 11. Her older children living metropolitan lives in NY. And her youngest daughter preparing for PSLE. The things she brought there: a handbag and a plastic bag of food and water.  Husband and daughter sat by the beach while the home-maker sat on the bench. Attire – sportswear, hat, sunglasses.

Girl playing with seeds and branches

I saw the girl afar playing frisbee with her parents and younger brother. I took a walk off and back, to find her using the frisbees as plates for the things she collected in the park – “coconut” seeds and a branch with a sharp end. She was using the branch to spear the seeds and removing their shells, then arranging them like she was playing masak. So I asked her what what is that for. She responded that she preparing the nuts for a game; the game she described sounds like marbles played by our parent’s generation. Her parents look as though they were only 10-20 years older than me, hence they fall within the young urban professionals category. But they played the same game as my parents did (they are in their 50s). That game of marbles seems to take a while to go out of time.

Monkey-watchers (in cars)

Harley Davidson bikers (no pictures, I was slower.)

Wedding photographers




Filipino picnic-ers (who invited me to join them)

Illegal Fishers




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