Modified Seating Area in Sketches

Currently modelling this in Rhino. Bent convex metal piece in T-shape/or H shape. Curvature inspired from bounce stilts from Kingsmen’s female assassin – sleek, flexible, responsive.

Moving in two different direction  is a visual input for motion sickness. Thus I narrow down the direction of tilt to only one Рleft and right. Amount of movement Рgentle tilt that the seater can feel and detectable by the machine through weight on different parts of the seat.

I like this grouped seats in the image above. I like the minimalistic frame for grouping the seats together. I feel like this can tilt the chairs all together, creating an element of competition between seaters of different chair units.

Below is the exploration of levitating the chairs, and stacking them using temporary bleacher platforms (boring—).

The last sketch is a projector/sound system inspired from Star Wars machines.

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