Observations: Urban Wheels Challenge @ Scape

This is a one-day event. The Urban Wheels Challenge is organized by MediaCorp’s OOH Media, and it is a cycling competition with a challenging course designed to mimic the outdoor terrain in an urban setting.

Building up from last year’s inaugural challenge, this year’s cycling event throwbacks to the basics of mountain biking, engaging and introducing to the public about the sport. In line with this year’s tagline “Make Your Mark”, organiser also aim to encourage first-timers to contribute to the vibrancy for this sport by experiencing the thrills and adrenaline rush of an urban gravity race in the heart of the city.

Organizers were keeping barricades and tidying tents and clearing stocks of free gifts while I watched.


The large amount of space taken up by tentages, barricades and entrance structure seems to limit the amount of space needed to navigate the bicycles. Space seems to be the largest issue to encourage more activity. (Nobody used the “obstacle course” set up while I was there.)
There is a combination of modular tentages, stackable barricades, makeshift structures with wooden pallet and boards stacked together. Endorsements are placed on boards/barricades, flag banners (for sports events).


Finger skateboard table that caught on as a trend for the younger ones. Also a form of recreational activity held in areas where people meet.



2 thoughts on “Observations: Urban Wheels Challenge @ Scape”

  1. Xiuming, check this out: https://www.facebook.com/NammaChennaiNamakke/

    This beach is near my dad’s house in Chennai. Every Sunday it becomes an event /exercise/ music area. ‘Namma Chennai Namakke’ means ‘our Chennai is for us’. I been to one of them and I might land up this Sunday!

    1. Hello, Peer! It seems like most activities out held at Namma Chennai Namakke requires only basic equipment, such as yoga mats, and signboards. The temporarily reappropriated roads like this one have to stay unaltered physically because of its original purpose. The temporary features that can be disassembled and reassembled by event owners (to be handle-able easily by one person for the best effect). The event owners should have a choice to own components or the full set and added on components, the owner of the yoga event can purchase the basic kit to assemble just a signboard holder, and maybe purchase an additional space marker to demarcate the yoga space he needs. An owner of the remote control car race can own a magic box which can be assembled into life-size terrains. Just wildly imagining.

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