System + app

Just some thoughts in sketches.

I imagined an arena where obstacles morph into place in the forms of cubes.


Obstacles morphing on walls as well. Screens move from place to place (eg walls to the floors) depending on the show, inviting movement to be immersed in the space.


A thought about incorporating elements into the design. Looking at playgrounds on Dezeen I came across a modular one as this, constructed of planes, and yet containing different equipments that allow different types of movement such as basketball hoops, seats, bars for climbing. Thus I came up with my own interpretation of climbing bars and rotating bars as in this picture. Not the best design but got my juices flowing.


The diagram on the left describes the proportion of the things to be designed for the space. On the right, I tried drawing modular units of bars that can be joined/stacked to become larger units. The issue is, they look like bars of a cage. Perhaps bars do not look so friendly. On the far right, an ice-cream dispenser that releases ice cream through pipes when the viewer earns the treat.
Back to looking at usual playground designs and the reasons they are designed this way. From limited research there is no strong objective behind the invention of a slide, rock wall, or swing. There are objective purposes for going to each of these stations – to climb a wall to the highest point, to swing back and forth to the highest height possible, etc. These spaces does not very well promote imaginative play. Unstructured play areas however, provoke imagination to use the place From examples online, I found that this is the difference between old playground equipments and modern designs. Many featured playgrounds on the Internet (I’m not sure about their level of success, or what is considered successful) are artistic statements.


Designing the app to tabulate the activity levels for the users of the playscape. The app speaks to the user as if its taking the persona of a personal friend/trainer, who encourages the user to move about, presents the user with gifts for their participation, and as a bar service personnel presenting a menu to the user.



Global TV providers streaming local content have an ability to share culture across places. I am exploring the fact that each of these units of playscape can be its own reality TV. (Just a random thought to KIV)


Reality TV challenge on the screen. Each challenge will last only a very short time frame of 2-3 minutes. The programmes will be laid out on a spinning wheel, along with short films. After every program, the spinning wheel appears and the next program is chosen at random (algorithm) – it could be another reality-tv-ish challenge or a popular short film/side film of a popular production).


Currently I am working on the form of the playscape.

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