Final Project Ideas


IDEA 1: Virtual City Tour 

Problem: When travelling, I find walking tours to be extremely insightful and interesting. However, I often wished that I could have had my own space and own pace to explore the area instead of keeping to a time limit.

Proposed Solution: 


An augmented screen based tour inspired by the Alter Bahnhof Video Walk, to guide the viewer’s perspective, using the GPS system to prompt the users about possible places of interests where these video guides are available.

IDEA 2: What Can I Cook?

Problem: There are times that I want to prepare a meal but am too lazy to actually head out to get ingredients. I then open my fridge and go like, “hmm what can I cook with these ingredients?”. But due to my limited mental cookbook, I always end up cooking the same stuff.

Proposed Solution: A phone app that suggests to users a possible list of dishes and instructions based on the ingredients that they key in.

IDEA 3: Pocket Stylist

Problem: Feeling lazy but don’t want to compromise your style? Can’t decide how to coordinate your clothes? Can’t decide what to wear?



Proposed Solution: A pocket stylist that exists in a form of a phone app. As users purchase new items, they can enter the code into the app and keep a virtual wardrobe. The app then acts like a outfit generator to suggest the different looks that users can adopt.


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