Paper Boats II


_MG_0491Here’s my video documentation for my Paper Boats project (upgrade)! It’s a pity that the light detection wasn’t as smooth as I hope it would have been on the day of presentation, but nonetheless! I had fun and I hope you guys had enjoyed it as well.  _MG_0501 _MG_0506

Here’s the video for final documentation!

Thanks for the footage for my documentation, y’know who you are! It has been a good run with you guys this semester. See y’all around!

Paper Boats


Paper Boats.

Here’s a documentation of my analog interactive space! A mistake on my part to not have anticipated the rain, and only water proofing the bottoms and not the top. But none the less, thankfully I have enough footage (thanks Kamarul!) to be put together into a video.

Instead of the initial idea of having a huge boat that was able to carry a person in it, (due to limiting finances) I chose to approach the idea differently by constructing several smaller scale origami boats instead.

Overall, I was quite happy with the results, (and would be even happier if I had made them fully waterproof), as even in that short amount of time that they were displayed, they were able to capture the attention of many passer-by, who stopped to take a photo even in the rain! I even saw a few tags on Instagram which made me more motivated to create a more lasting installation for my digital one.

Analog Interactive Space: Paper boat


Idea? Make a life size “origami” boat with cardboard to be placed at the fountain in ADM

Why choose the ADM fountain? Common place that we walk past everyday and take for granted.

Why a origami boat? It is something that we played with as a child and familiar to all of us. I want remind people to “play”, and not just be so engrossed in work.

Interactivity? Changing how we perceive the common space, and maybe even encourage people to get into the fountain to have a photo taken with it, etc.

Future digitalisation? Addition of lights at night, and maybe even a small QR code printed on the boat to have a video shown, or # on instagram to have people participate in it.

Altering Perception


A class assignment on changing how our senses interact with our surroundings. Personally, I would feel that my primary and most important sense would be my sight. Also, this very basic privilege of the sense of sight is often taken for granted by many.

Having been introduced to glasses since I was 8, I hated anything that messes with my vision.

And hence to make people appreciate their vision more, I decided to do what I hate (haha), messing up other people’s vision. Instead of the typical frontal view that we were used to, I decided to have the class experience how fishes and other animals view, with their eyes on each of their sides.

In the video, in the little box I constructed, there were 2 mirrors that reflected the view of the left, and view of the right sides of the box.

The Clingwrap exercise


The class was separated into two. The Wrappers and the wrapped. It was interesting to how we used Clingwrap differently for this exercise, wrapping ourselves together versus the usual wrapping of food.

Tension was then introduced in the later part of the exercise, where we were forced to stand closer to one another in order for this element of tension to be present in the group. The people who were wrapped then tried to create more tension by going in different directions, which ultimately we were then forced again to move back to our original proximity with one another as the cling wrap was too strong.

Interaction with a wallet


A short exercise in class where we were given a chosen object and asked to interact with it. It’s interesting to see how everyone interacted with the objects without being told what specifically to do, and for most cases, it was instinctive.

Here’s me and Cindy interacting with a wallet.




My connection with T i m e .  

What time means to me:

Time is a reflection. It is essential to grasp the right momentum for the work piece we work on; if it’s too slow viewers would be bored, if it’s too fast viewers may miss out on the full experience of the work.