Human Robot Interaction



With regards to the works of Professor Louis-Philippe Demers, he explores a lot on the interaction between robots and humans (i.e. Inferno and The Blind Robot). What drives your intentions behind exploring this area?

It in intrigues me because of how people are willingly experiencing these, putting trust to the robots and letting the robots interact with them. To me, I would have my doubts going along with the movements of the robots, such as letting a robotic hand explore my face (as in The Blind Robot). Are people becoming to trusting on technology or do they have absolute trust the person that created it?

What are the key constrains that you have faced while working on the projects?

The Clingwrap exercise


The class was separated into two. The Wrappers and the wrapped. It was interesting to how we used Clingwrap differently for this exercise, wrapping ourselves together versus the usual wrapping of food.

Tension was then introduced in the later part of the exercise, where we were forced to stand closer to one another in order for this element of tension to be present in the group. The people who were wrapped then tried to create more tension by going in different directions, which ultimately we were then forced again to move back to our original proximity with one another as the cling wrap was too strong.

Interaction with a wallet


A short exercise in class where we were given a chosen object and asked to interact with it. It’s interesting to see how everyone interacted with the objects without being told what specifically to do, and for most cases, it was instinctive.

Here’s me and Cindy interacting with a wallet.