WIP: Self portrait

Featured image is part of my brainstorming list @@.

I basically started taking random photos of objects to explore my options.IMAG3590Objects on my tableIMAG3589Having a book for breakfast..IMAG3591IMAG3594 These are petticoats for Lolita fashion which I love (and the name is irrelevant to the book by Vladimir… Nabokov ^^”) The first one is exploring blue/cyan as my favorite color, the second, the possible “eye” motif.

IMAG3611 My beloved (but neglected @@) guitar.

IMAG3600IMAG3605IMAG3604 The amount of bottles I keep. Obviously exploring the “eye” motif again, trying to put my hand in to explore object as an extension of self.

IMAG3615 IMAG3616 Boxes of valued items, and beloved CDs.

IMAG3628 IMAG3636

After a lot of detour and exploring I finally decided on my book theme, and above are two relevant but rejected photos from the first round of shoots.

Second round of shoots are a lot more dull and consist of more redundant photos to get the “perfect” one. But these are some of the ones from the work in progress.

IMAG3679 IMAG3709Tryouts to get the hair without the face, and early composition for one of the photos.


The “books” as a journey/ pathway attempts. There’s actually quite a few things I like in this part of the exploration with my feet, but mostly it did not fit well into the series and I had to reject them.

I also really wanted to incorporate the “object as an extension of self” idea. But alas it didn’t work out, be it due to the mood of the photo or the composition or the things in the background…

IMAG3714 … And I don’t even know what to say about this. It was weird. And difficult to take when I can’t see what I’m doing.

That’s all.

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