The actual Journal + Final

IMAG4543Picture of the final!! Done!! >w<

IMAG4259IMAG4438And these are some photos from when I was still arranging them. That part took longer than I expected O.O

IMAG4561 IMAG4563And the Journal! I bound it when I thought we still needed to submit the hardcopy, but haven’t gotten around to wrap it and add endpaper (the plan was to use some left over monoprints x3).. Well, the pages are a bit messy at the back because I actually bound the extra strips into the journal too ><

The featured image is actually the cover of the journal before I decided to add the “hardcover”.

IMAG4656IMAG4657IMAG4660IMAG4567  Most of the pages are in my separate posts before, so these are mainly just the consolidated Artists Reference pages.

I will briefly explain why I cite Ed Moses as an inspiration since he wasn’t included in any of my previous WIP Journal posts..

I didn’t take any direct technique references from him, but mainly what inspires me about him is the quote ” I don’t create drawings or paintings. I construct drawings and paintings”.

This speaks to me as both the desire for his artworks to more than 2D (*cough* I mean less flat, with the inclusion of other materials xD) And the control he has over his artworks. To me it suggest that he still has an ideal of how the artwork will turn out, despite the techniques being spontaneous.

Complete!!! ^^

2 thoughts on “The actual Journal + Final”

  1. Nice hand bind for your journal as well as nice documentation of pages!
    in this very post layout however:
    -you can leave a bit of space between your journal pages :), photos…
    -the photos are a bit too cropped 🙂
    -be consistent and keep it to two pages – even if you think the other page is not important

    this would ensure confidence of your actual hard copy works

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