Lore: Danraxelia

It’s been 15 long years.

The ship is huge, with 2000 people there about. But after 15 years, there are few faces one won’t recognize.

The older ones often spoke of the beautiful but war-torn land they left behind, and the young ones listened intently as though it was a mere fairy-tale.

15 years is long enough for anyone to think of the land as a distant dream. Some has even begun to think that they are sailing towards the end of the world, and their ashes will forever be spread between the pink-green skies and the turquoise seas.

This was especially so on the day the sea dipped vertically beneath them.

And at the edge of the world, they saw a city.

(Revealed) Races: 
Each race will come with 2 additional stats on top of the 8 you are to allocate.

There are hidden race(s?). But. they will only appear depending on how the story progress. You might never run into them.

Even the revealed races have undisclosed weaknesses I will explain in subsequent Lore, after you create your character. (I want to play a bit on the luck and chances of birth. Humor me and good luck.)

Giowel (Pronounce Geo-well)
Arising from the essence of the elements, their small stature belies their exceptional affinity with magic.

Magic are mainly based on the elements they are born from, namely earth, water, fire or air.

Giowels can have more than 1 element. Their skills with their elements depends on age as well as their surroundings.

(They can look anything like a fairy or elf or dwarf they are just. short.)

Intelligence +2
Intelligence +1
Agility +1
(please indicate in character creation)

Legends has it that their ancestors were animals blessed with sentience and intelligence after their pure emotions and love towards the world touched the Gods.

They are very good with animals, plants and living things in general, and can have a familiar animal.

Decide what kind of animal attributes they have.

Strength +1
Agility +1

Their intelligence and adaptability are their greatest assets. Skilled crafters and traders, they are the bridge between the races, and they benefit immensely from the connections.

They create unique weapons with the help of both the Giowels and the Tierans, and they used their own alchemy to bind themselves to individual weapons or tools, giving them special attacks with said items.

Weapons can be semi-magical or even with technology. Decide what they are and how they are acquired.

Strength OR Agility +1 (please indicate in character creation)
Intelligence +1

Humans and Tieran mix. Weaker animal attributes but capable of weapon binding.

+1 on any 2 stats (please indicate in character creation. No dublicate of stats (any stats +2 NO.))

None. You may choose two or three things your characters have done for a living or are particularly skilled at. But it must make sense so this falls into the backstory of the character. You can choose to reveal them now, or as the story progress.

But it must make sense. E.g. Unlikely for any character to be an assassin when they have been stuck on a ship for 15 years of their life.
They can learn more skills as the story progress~

No limit. But again, must make sense.

You can’t carry more than 2 or 3 items in your hands/pocket.
If you have a bag how big is the bag (will it be inconvenient?)?

At the moment, a bag with a magical amount of space is not possible.

Decide on the race,age (Cap at 40) and inventory, and perhaps backstory (skills? pass time on the ship which is like a mini..town?) or looks (Not completely necessary we can discover the key elements later or through a drawing if you want OvO). The actual story begins in the Chapter I will post after.

Let’s have fun!! *w*

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  1. [OOC] Character intro: A Giowel Brownie named Beam
    Elements Air and Fire
    Attributes: Strength 3, Agility 3, Intelligence 2 (+2)
    Born on the ship (13 years old), has never set foot on land, and thinks that there are much more out there in the world than what the dwellers on the ship has told him. He is taking magic lessons from another 28-year-old Giowel whom he met as a child and treats as an older brother, who happened to have elements air and fire too.

    Wears a pointed hat on his head made by a long-time Human friend of his Giowel parents, and carries a staff taller than him to help him get around the ship without getting knocked over by the taller races on the ship. He is learning enchantment so that he can do it to his hat and staff and make them magical.

    Fun fact: He likes to sneak into a Tieran’s home now and then to play with their rabbit when they are not around, and has never gotten caught so far because of his small stature and a little bit of magic.

  2. Name: Natasha Inveguile
    Race: Giowel
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Looks like an elf.

    Selected Bonus points:
    Intelligence +1
    Agility +1

    Normal Attributes:
    Strength: 1
    Agility: 3
    Intelligence: 4

    Upper class

    – 10,000 in cash in the local currency
    – Healing salve for injuries
    – Journal/documents

    Natasha is estranged from her family. She has a rift with her parents and since they avoid each other on the ship with Natasha taking care of herself. She’s a skilled element user and she hopes to find a good way to prove herself in the future.

    1. OOC: Hi, I just did~! I’m not sure if you are an actor in my world though, the list says “NG CHEONG WONG JEREMY SIAO LIOUNG” O.O Not that I mind you joining..?=w=

      1. Oh rats! I used to be an actor in your world but I think the list has changed for some reason. Ok (will not be actively playing here) but feel free to use Natasha if you want! 😉

  3. Character name: Dom
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 31
    Appearance: 6ft3; Auburn; Man bun; Chiselled face; Bearded; Fit; Wears a necklace bearing a wooden amulet which was diamond shaped. (Gift from her daughter)

    Strength: 3(+1)
    Agility: 2
    Intelligence: 3(+1)

    Backstory: Craftsman- Expert in weapon building.
    Victim of war, has seen it all. War has left him physical and emotional scars. Deeply affected by the loss of his wife and daughter. He blames himself for not being there for them and therefore he seeks redemption in any possible way.
    Traits: Calm, Serious, Quiet

    Inventory: He has a weapon holster- Army knife (always carry it with him)…

    [OOC] Can i add more things in my inventory when the adventure starts?

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