Typographic Portrait: Research I

I wasn’t sure what to do at first, so I just went down the list of suggested research for the assignment.


..I have to admit, the Dada and Russian constructivist are not really my style. >< But interesting research none the less.


I quite like David Carson’s style. But the 3D typography and such appeals to me even more.¬†¬†Briefly considered using embroidery and paper sculptures as my medium…


Photography… and I can’t help coming back to books, fairytales and illuminated manuscripts we learnt about last semester. The elaborate lettering at the start of fairytale storybooks might be my first memory of any form of typography, and their magic are hard to forget >w<.

Illuminated manuscripts of course are beautiful and seems to be a even more elaborate and amazing versions of the “illustrative typography” (if i should call it that ^^”)

However, most of them contains a lot more illustration than words (usually one letter), so I had to put more thought into how much of it to include in my work, and bend the style to my will~

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