Danraxelia Lore: Crime and Punishment

(OOC: Law Lore Lol. *cough*sorry*cough* anyways.)

There exist no capital punishment in Danraxelia.

The harshest form of punishment are life imprisonment in complete isolation. This means no chance for parole and no contact from anybody aside from the prison guards. In this sense, they will be dead to everybody in Danraxelia, never to be seen again even by their friends and family, who are not allowed to visit.

Not that their family will ever want to visit anyways.

There are strong social stigma attached to this sentence and usually the families will be too ashamed to ever be associated with the person again, unless they want to further jeopardize their status in society.

While it this stigma might sounds extreme, it is perhaps only fueled by how rare this sentence really is, occurring only once or twice in several decades.

It is usually reserved for the absolutely unrepentant criminals, serial killers or the insane with strong malicious intent…in other words, unanimously deemed a “Lost Cause” by the respectable Judge and their panel of Jury.

Interestingly, this sentence are usually not even given to murderers.

Murderers will usually be sentenced to life imprisonment, but visiting from family and friends are permitted, and there exist the possibility of parole. However, breaking the parole or repeated offences will be what grantees them to become a “Lost cause”.

Blatant disrespect and rudeness to the Oracles will be considered a blasphemy which is unheard of, but not a crime on its own.

Other crimes are punishable by imprisonment and fines, with severity varying depending on the crime.

But as Danraxelia prides itself on being a civil society (It’s built around a library after all), rehabilitation are enforced together with imprisonment or fines. These are usually in the form of education and various manual labors to “repay their debt to society”. This could range from anything from washing toilets to arranging the books in the library.

They will not be confused with respectable individuals taking up the same jobs though, as their grey prisoner robes- not to be removed until they served their time- speaks volumes of their differences.

Once they do serve their time though, they are taken to be sufficiently re-educated with newly guided and corrected sense of morals. Thus, they will usually be re-accepted into society in time.

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