Ego: Aubrey Beardsley (Ref)

Aubrey Beardsley’s self portrait

There is a myriad of reasons why I chose to do illustration for the final project, but I guess this guy is a good place to start.

Since “Ego” is all about the self identity, my first instinct is to go with everything that I like. And I certainly adore his work, which I first got to know from researching Oscar Wilde (Whose book he illustrated), and the love is rekindled when Foundation drawing Prof brought one of said books to class recently.

Here are some of his artworks that are particularly inspiring to me:

¬†Look at those details and patternsss QwQ The time of Oscar Wilde was a lot about aestheticism and Aubrey Beardsley’s works are also a little like art nouveau. Decorative, natural forms and art for art’s sake~ what’s not to love~

His work reminds me of woodcuts and deals with positive and negative space very effectively, his choice of medium is pen mostly. Both are elements which I like to play with in my art recently.

However, this is the point when I decided to use digital medium to create a similar effect instead, since his clean lines and lack of obvious texture reminds me of digital artworks.

I have to admit I didn’t study his style almost as hard as I should before getting down to drawing though. But again, since “Ego” is about self identity, Aubrey Beardsley is but one of the many influences in my art, although he is the only one I can pinpoint right now…