Final Rhyme: The end of Mary’s Lamb

These are the four images I chose for the final. f1“He followed her to school one day”f2“It made the children laugh and play”f3“Why does the lamb love Mary so?”f4“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know.”

(Mary is the butcher’s daughter. )

I like the flow of these images as well as the symbolism in the juxtaposition between the lamb and other school children. Although I shan’t go too much into that since it’s up to interpretations.

After the consultation, I did try to play with monoprint texture (As in the featured image). As much as I like the stand alone images, I think the predominantly black and white images are better for the horror and impact with it’s harsh contrast. Especially when the backgrounds are black,  the grey of the monoprints will lower the contrast and deviate significantly from intended effect.

Rhymes WIP

First experimentation:

I looked for a few new pictures to use along the way, and generally just went we the flow of ideas for now. Currently a possible sequence of the lines is:

Mary had a little lamb
He followed her to school one day
It made the children laugh and play (or “Why does the lamb love Mary so?”)
“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know” (As lamb chop… yes..)

I think I might be going towards the “creepy” side. But I still have a few compositions in mind to explore.

Rhymes: Carried away by Mary’s Lamb

Below are the edited images. Most of them I did a posterize version and a treshold version, but here I just upload the ones I prefer.

Tried to insert a gallery with the sources at the bottom of each image.

Perhaps evidently, my train of thoughts can diverged quite a lot… My first thought was “Mary has a little lamb”… in what way?

So… lamb chop was the first thought (hungry ops >A<)

…so then theres cuts of a lamb (to make lamb chop..), and maybe she only has a lamb skeleton? (okay yes my thoughts turned dark pretty fast)? What if she is part sheep/lamb? (Has a little lamb…as a part of her… And then I thought of Satan because Satan is said to have horns and hooves right? Then that became Baphomat girl.. Then I remembered Eygptian Gods tend to be part animal so is there one thats part sheep? (Yes I found out Banebdjedet is part ram))…

What if she is a lamb intending to commit cannibalism *cough*  Or what if the lamb is a person? (Thus the virgin Mary and Jesus… then to fit the vintage theme i thought of cameos which I love because they are beautiful) Then looked for paper cuttings after woodcuts, chanced upon paperdolls which are pretty creepy because disembodied body parts (That might be better for the humpty dumpty group..)

And also theres horoscopes (Aries, Capricorn), fairytales (Red riding hood and the wolf in sheep skin? others?), songs (I just wanted to find a group of creepy children and the song “Circle you Circle you” came to mind though the style might not be entirely suitable…)…………… And yes I can go on and on and on and theres so many more nice images I feel like could be used! X”D