Journal: Monoprint

IMAG3791 IMAG3790 IMAG3789 IMAG3811 IMAG3814 IMAG3836(This one, with the feather and clouds (cotton) was meant to be an angel.)

I think, what surprised me most about monoprints was that, I ended up using more of the monoprints I initially considered “failed”. Perhaps because they are more abstract.. and surprising.

IMAG4041Psychotic. This one was my first experiment with rearranging the monoprints and I liked it so much I kept it. It’s basically the cut up monoprint of my palm, each small piece rotated 45 degrees from the previous, and mixed with the abstract whiter pieces… which have some interesting patterns… (There seem to be a skull in the final..)

IMAG3812 IMAG4039This one was… rubbish. Or so I thought. Prof spotted something like a person in it. So I worked upon that and joint it with more shadows and figures. And turned out to really like it. Unfortunately (?) I considered it for both “Sensual” and “Indecisive” but in terms of fitting the emotions, I had better options.

IMAG4043IMAG3837IMAG3839IMAG3838Attempts for “Lyrical” because they look like piano keys. Unfortunately didn’t work out as the framing cuts out that effect…

IMAG3855IMAG3854IMAG3857IMAG3858IMAG3861IMAG3859IMAG3862IMAG3863IMAG3864IMAG3869IMAG3866IMAG3865        Process for “Systematic”. I didn’t intend for it to be systematic… actually feathers are more for sensual… but it just… happened. ^^”

IMAG4040One was originally for “Distracted”, while one ended up being “Lyrical”.. It might not be obvious here, but one of the strips (top) seem to have a trail of “white spots” like light running through it. I can’t say I was too happy with the lyrical, but a lot of surprising things seem to happen in the process of working on this assignment and it stuck.. ^^”

IMAG4042 IMAG4168Some other random experiments after I realize I could paint on the monoprints with water.