POV: City Construction

Mostly pictures of the process~

The paper cuts was the easy part, and the first things I completed. Also because I need the silhouette to know which part of the city I want for it to show through~


Then, starting on the illustrations.. It looked intimidating but… well, it was. @@


But I’d like to think it was worth it QwQ

n1 n2n3n4n5 n6
It’s cool cause it loops!!

line circle-min

Additional illustration for the “universe”..


Watercolors for the background.. (I did a bit more tryout, and that is the featured image)IMAG6408 IMAG6409

(would upload the color ring but its still over size limit after compression >A<?)

And finally!! the “titles” or the actual point of views! IMAG6410

I was particularly happy to get to this stage because for the previous few assignments I almost always forget about it until the last second >< But this time I planned for where to insert them and wrote them in pretty colors that match my work! *w*

Next Post for final~

POV: City Planning

From the beginning:


The initial brainstorming for this project worked out quite well for me.

Although I was a bit apprehensive that the “city” might be an overdone concept, I was inevitably drawn to the idea due to I think it’s significance to me, personally… Having migrated when I was younger and thereafter always wanting to travel, be it to other cities or to nature to escape the sometimes overwhelming noise, light, pollution, and endless work in the cities…

So yes, the concept was the easy part. And then came the compositions…

IMAG6032IMAG6073 IMAG6051 IMAG6053 IMAG6054

The paper cut compositions where pretty straight forward. Theres one or two I was a little uncertain about and also a few I was concerned if it was too simple. But I did not dwell on it because I know that the “hard” part will be the background illustrations…

And so, onto the medium of said illustrations.
I did the initial research in my last post, and also some exploration on my own:


Mainly with watercolors and pen since doing traditional instead this time~IMAG6441

And also looked back at some past personal works for inspiration.

Mainly pen works because I prefer the vibrancy as compared to the more dull and muted colors of the watercolors I have, so that’s what I wanted to go for. However, after consulting Prof Ina she actually prefer the less “finished” look of the last drawing (of the 3 above). It was surprising, but that set me thinking I can combine the 2 mediums, and possibly add the digital aspects for Zine.

As the illustration was not the only part of my artwork, I have to make sure it fits with paper cut outs I have already done before (Mainly the contrast stands out as much as I would want it to). So I set them against different backgrounds/ mediums before I started drawing, just to be sure.

IMAG6098 IMAG6120 IMAG6121 IMAG6122

Watercolors and pen looked tedious, but doable, so.. the technicalities are settled. Onto the actually doing part (Subsequent Post)!!



Typographic Portrait: Trial and Error

All the Process.

Before this, as I was quite fixated on the illuminated manuscript idea, I was pretty determined to do all my designs by hand.

But. 2 problems quickly became apparent. Firstly, it appears my ability to paint are not on the caliber of medieval monks.

Secondly, I was uncertain about what to do with the backgrounds. Illuminated manuscripts also tend to either have florid or boring gold/silver backgrounds. However, I realize my font or script for the symbols are too plain to fit into complicate backgrounds. In addition I would like any designs in the background to be relevant the themes, which is not efficient for me to figure out and draw by hand…

So. Digital!

I decided I would still add the paint and decorations on top of them when I print them out, and for the background, I decided to add textures and patterns, both from what I already have, as well as looking for some free stocks online.

These are the ones I attempted, mostly background tryouts and a bit of WIP:

And print!

IMAG5792__1455794910_155.69.161.33 IMAG5800__1455794961_155.69.161.33

I bought a smaller, thinner brush just for this.

And then I experimented some with the placement of the sparklies. Again, minor differences from the final, but its there.

Next post will be the Final consolidated.

Hello Meow~

Firstly, the final. IMAG5385

This is the typography. It’s a one eyed cat, which I usually use as a symbol for myself. Although this “symbol” has evolved in style.

cat For example, this was a previous design that was screen printed on the back of a shirt~

This time the one eyed cat is made up of the letters “P” (red) and “X” (the green eyes) as these are my initials.


This is the abstract. I love circles, but I also have hydrophobia so.. @@

Actually the small concentrated black dots in this picture still makes me quite uncomfortable. But the big, colorful ones are actually quite nice. Mostly because they are done in my favorite colors, and the loops within reminds me of CDs and music.

The 3 silver lines at each side that frames the circles are suppose to resemble abstract/simplified cat claw marks.


This one……….. is mostly the combination of a gunshot, and an eye within. And is up to interpretations.

And these are the processes:


I mostly worked from what I like (cats, royal looking things (emblems), books, eyes) and what mood I would like to convey. The mood particularly applied to the typography as I was unfamiliar with it and felt the need to put in more thought.

Then there were a lot of thumbnails.



More thumbnails and stylistic considerations.

Bonus this was my first attempt for typography. It did not look as aesthetically appealing as I would like, but the idea was a paw print made out of my finger prints (so it’s a cat, but its me? XD) and my name “scratched on”.