Image Making Through Type: concept


So when I first got this project I immediately though of the jobs that I could pick from. But I realized that the period of time when we got questioned on our dreams and aspirations the most was during our childhood. We had many big dreams and aspirations when we were younger, however some aspects may have been twisted or fantasied. For example, I’ve always wanted to be a chemist when I was 7. I thought all they did was to pour chemical from one flask to another, create an explosion, or make poison. So that spurred my concept for this project. I based it off my childhood aspirations with a bit of spice and magic.


  • Chemist
  • Disneyland  Imaginner
  • Secret Agent
  • Toy maker

These jobs that I have chosen are some of the many childhood aspirations I had while growing up. Some of them are even jobs that I wish I could do as an adult.


Right of the bat, I wanted to only chose one alphabet for each occupation, for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to keep things simple, and focus on incorporating the letter form into the work. secondly, it reminded me of the alphabet placards that we taught children alphabet and spelling with. Which tied in nicely with my concept.

Also I decided that I wanted to spell my name abbreviated in the four designs, X, R, E, I.

I decided to use “X” for the Toymaker, as it was more structured and I thought of stacking legos to create the shape. I assigned Disneyland to “R” as it was more organic, and I thought that the magical elements would work well with the fluidity of the form. Thirdly, I assigned chemist to “E” as I thought that the form allowed stacking and thus creating chain reactions. Lastly I gave “I” the occupation of Secret Agent as I thought that the form resembled a secret operation base building.

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