R was the first design that I started out with. At the very beginning I was very inspired by this studio ghilbi fan art, celebrating the 30 anniversary by Milena Młynarska.

greatly inspired by this I set of to create my Disney version.

preliminary sketches
refined sketch

The vertical part of R is made up of the willow tree in Pocahontas, and Rapunzel tower with her hair. the curved part of r is made of Peter Pan’s ship and Tinkerbell. the last part is made up of pride rock with Rafiki holding up Simba. As much as I loved this design, I decided not to use it for two reasons. 1. this style of rendering is very flat unlike my other isometric vectors. I generally like having my work as a body instead of having individual pieces. 2. This isn’t really practical, there is too much details to be completed in the then 4 week project. Hence I decided to create a isometric version of Disneyland.


For this design I wanted to play with gestalt, I wanted to hide part of the form R but still allowing the viewer to recognize the form. for this form I incorporated it into the roads and river of the theme park.  I wanted to incorporate elements of the Disney train and their river safari into the piece (both of the rides are one of my favorite when my little brother starts getting tired).

This design wasn’t really well thought out. I kinda failed to plan so I planed to fail. I decided to scrap it and re-do.

I realized the reason why I had so much trouble conceptualizing for Disney was because of the influx of reference I had. I wanted to incorporate so many things into the design that I had no idea what to focus on. So instead of working for Waltz Disney, I decided to work for myself. I’m going to make y own Disneyland.

I decided to use the motif of a storybook as thats the first medium of waltz Disney works I was first exposed to. Also I staggered the lands by creating three tiers the top tier is the castle, second tier is the forrest and the last one is the village. I was inspired by the set up of many princess stories.

And then I hit another crisis, color combination for the background. So I played with cloud picker and tried to find the best color.

In the end to maintain the color scheme I decided to go with secondary colors of either orange or purple.

purple version
orange version

In the end I preferred the orange version and changed the books to blue for a greater contrast and emphasis. I added the rainbow as a homage to waltz Disney castle


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