My Strange Encounter: Inspirations

Jacques Villeglé, Boulevard Haussmann, March 15, 1988, Paintings, Decollage mounted on canvas

This art work is done by Jacques Villeglé, a French artist, best known for his torn collaged works. Jacques would paste multiple layers of posters and advertisments he has collected from the streets onto his canvas, before tearing away the layers to reveal a decollage artwork. In this artwork the torn posters reveals a man face in the middle. The deep set gaze of the man captures the viewer’s attention in a glance. Furthermore, the textured surface of the collage almost allows us to sense the artist feeling and thoughts as he completes this work. Jacques destabilizes our perception through the quick and abrupt changes in the imagery. This bombard of imagery and information, leaves the viewer questioning the source and the intention of the poster.

Gregory Euclide 3-Dimensional Collage

This artwork is by Gregory Euclide, an American contemporary artist, who draws inspiration from the rich and diverse wildlife around him. Euclide contrast the organic form of nature with the harsh and geomatic shapes of the   triangular structures. Euclide distorts our perception of depth as he intwines the two-dimensional paintings with his three-dimensional relief paintings.  His adept use of chiaroscuro further solidify the illusion of realism in the paintings as seen in the trees.

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