Team 1 – Prototype I


Place setting mockups

Survey to evaluate the diners feelings

we decided to have a survey, as a fun way to determine the restaurant goers mood. Each answer corresponds to a certian mood. The results are inserted into an excel sheet where the mood of the resturant goers is tabulated. Below is a transcription of the question asked:


  1. How did you wake up this morning?
    X F*&# you
    X The birds were singing, the breeze blowing in my window, it was beautiful
    X Felt like it was drab and there was no rays of Sunshine
    X Horrible, had the worst nightmare that I was naked in front of the whole cohort.
    X Stressful, I was worried of missing my bus and being late for my angsty Prof’s class..
  2. If I asked you a stupid question right now….
    XI would hit you in the face
    XI would be amused, anything unusual would amuse me right now
    XI’m too depressed to answer any stupid and non-stupid questions.
    XI would hope someone else answers because I don’t know the answer and scared to look stupid in front of my crush.
    XI would pray that I know how to answer the questions.
  3. You have car problems today, your response is….
    XI hate this car! Piece of S#*%! This immediately followed by kicking the tyres.
    XOh well, I’ll catch a ride, hopefully it’s nothing expensive. Oooo Maybe I can get a new car!
    X Well isn’t this great? Can anything else go wrong? Followed by breaking down and crying.
    XOmg! This is a sign! Everything will just go bad from now on.
    XHow will I afford this?! And what about my rent?! And what if I need to bid for the limited edition item on Ebay and run out of money?!
  4. If somebody came up and gave you a playful punch on the shoulder, with the mood you’re in now, what would you do?
    XTackle them
    XStart laughing and playfully punch them back.
    XStart crying
    XLook for bruises
    XYell at them and say, “hey, that hurt!”
  5. you are reading a book and suddenly one of the characters you didn’t really care for dies.
    XBig deal, you continue reading your book
    XYou feel sorry for the character
    XYou get sad! That character just sorted his life out! Life is cruel
    XYou get scared you fav, character will die
    XOMG how didn’t I see this coming, what more have I missed?!
  6. Would a puppy make you happy right now?
    XI don’t like puppies…
    XNothing will make me happy, not even puppies or World Peace.
    XNO! What if that puppy has rabies and it bites me and i get sick and I die?!
    XYes, but I would be worried to get dog hair on my new coat…
  7. You are in class and answered your professor’s question, he said “ok”.
    XHe is so arrogant.
    XWhat…ever! I liked my answer.
    XOh no, he didn’t like my answer
    XHe is going to blacklist me from now on.
    XIs he going to increase my participation mark or not?


Part 3: Select 3 of the following words to describe your current emotions

Annoyed Resentful Outraged
Enthusiastic Hopeful Satisfied
Nostalgic helpless Pessimistic
Afraid Apprehensive uneasy

Anxious Nervous Stressed
we also had a survey, which I, unfortunately, forgot to screenshot and has been updated since.

Comments from our peers:

The system for our healing menu needs to be more holistic. The system of healing needs to be more complete and based on traditional Chinese medicine. In the aftercare, more information such as the cravings and symptoms could be added.

The design was advice to be made more minimalistic while incorporating pictures of the elements.

The place mats were recieved positively





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