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This is me: My Desktop

If you can see the files all of them are screenshot for research as part of the project that I’m doing. As you can tell I don’t have any files on my desktop. this is because I recently sent this laptop for servicing and they wiped my HDD of all the data. I retrieved my laptop two days ago, but I haven’t managed to install any of my adobe programs except after effect on my laptop. Yeap thats why its so clean. (because I can’t work on my laptop 🙁 , all my work is on my iMac instead).

I always have Spotify on my laptop, with my playlist playing nonstop. As for my wallpaper, I’m too lazy to change it and I thought it look pretty nice so I just went with the default wallpaper.

you probably can tell that I’m not the most tech savvy person. I have no idea how to customise my laptop, so its pretty much the same thing as what you will get in store.