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Team 1 – Design thinking: Empathy I


Our interview transcriptions are as followed:

First Interview: ( done by Ranveer and Leonie)

  • Female Local Students
  • Always has meals at the canteen next to her block/hall before coming to school
  • Just goes for convenience and does not really yearn for food
  • Suggested to have a late night supper service as taking a cab out of campus is costly( The friend excitedly was mentioning and suggesting this to her)
  • Had groceries/snacks and also purchased bubble tea
  • Friends do not influence the food choices


Second Interview: ( done by Ranveer and Leonie)

  • Male Exchange Student
  • Prefers convenience over others
  • Macdonalds is his favourite food
  • Food courts are good and cheap
  • Not too difficult to communicate with stall vendors
  • Found a little difficulty at first to get the orders across but soon realised that some owners prefered the dish be called by the number and some are okay with pointing at the dish
  • Friends do not influence the food choices


Third Interview: ( done by Ranveer and Leonie)

  • Female Exchange Student
  • Extreme User: Does not like the food here at all
  • Only likes the Chicken with the rice from Malay Stall
  • Stall vendor was not able to understand her and still has minor issues not being able to understand her
  • Cost is more of the issue
  • Decided to have self-prepared breakfast(Prefers foods that she is used to)
  • Prefers more western options?
  • Friends do not influence the food choices


Fourth Interview: ( done by Ranveer and Leonie)

  • Male Exchange Student
  • Not a picky eater ( Based food choices on foods that he could relate with and decipher what they were by seeing the dishes)
  • Chooses meals based on activities that were preceding the meal
  • Prefers cost-effective choices
  • Goes to canteens/food courts more
  • Finds the food generally good
  • Would love to have more potatoes but understands that it’s more to the type of cuisine that doesn’t have potatoes
  • Friends do not influence the food choices
  • Had potato chips with him
  • Seemed understanding of the food culture here


Fifth Interview: ( done by Lin Han, Rei and Hanna)

  • Ivan Lee
  • not an NTU Student, he is from SIT engineering
  • Comes to NTU once per week
  • Eats with friends at the fast food outlets or the canteens
  • Likes Canteen 1 mala with friends (influences food choices, cos he is here for his friends)
  • Doesn’t like peak hours, but he happens to meet the peak hours he would just wait
  • Describes NTU food experience as 1. Choice 2, Convenience
  •  Recommends food at North Spine


Sixth Interview: ( done by Lin Han)

  • Adrien
  • An exchange student from France
  • Most recent meal: salted fish fried rice at North Spine Wok
  • He is getting used to chopsticks
  • Eats desserts regularly but cannot find them here
  • Finds food here really spicy (1st meal – Malay bbq in brown sauce was way too spicy)
  • Prepares breakfast every day because he could not get used to bf here (cereal and tea)


Seventh interview: ( done by Rei)

  • Female England exchange student living on campus (North Hill School of civil engineering
  • Finds that there is a large variety of food available in campus, especially since most of her classes are in NS. She hasn’t had much difficulty adjusting to the food here, but that may just because NS is full of fast food chains.
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Do not know where the supermarkets are and feel like it would be very expensive
  • If NTU had a communal fridge can you see yourself cooking more? ANS: definitely
  • Would love to cook more in NTU but the lack of refrigerator and the lack of cooking utensils are preventing her from doing so
  • The crowd isn’t that much of an issue to her, but she is unable to get food since her lectures are back to back, with no break. She doesn’t take away food and just bears through the hunger
  • Finds 茶叶蛋 tea leaf egg very weird, but she has no problem with getting used to the breakfast served in NTU


Eighth interview: ( done by Hanna)

  • Jack
  • ExAn exchange student from Vietnam
  • Study communication
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Eats with friends at the canteens, most of the time canteen 2 or NS.
  • Choose meal after price and prefer eating out instead of cooking even if that is more expensiv
  • Think is hard to find new places to eat because he dont know where the canteens are and what they serve.
  • Like the large variety of food here.