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Forrest Gump: Mulan – “The most beautiful and rare flower blooms in adversity”

For this quote, I will be focusing on the keywords of beauty and flower

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4

for the first four designs, I literally tried to combine a flower and a female together. and it didn’t work well. firstly the contrast is too high. Secondly, there is absolutely no context of Mulan here. Third, the visual language is wrong like the previous few draft. Fourth I just didn’t like it. moving on.

Design 5
Design 6

I tried to make a collage of flowers and the warrior equipment and soldiers in these two designs. However, it did not work out very well as the elements seem very individual and not well gelled together.

Design 7

Using the previous idea as a stepping stone, I tried to incorporate the elements together to form a flower shape. But meh I didn’t like it at all.

Design 8

For this designs, i tried to incorporate parts of the flower into the warrior body as if the flowers bloomed from the warrior. for those that were in his body I used threshold, while for the parts of the flowers that are sticking out, I used halftones to give it a softer look. I wanted to express that Mulan had both sides of her; the feminine and the badass.

Design 9

For this design, I incorporated a lotus for the flower. I chose the lotus as it is a symbol of purity. There is a Chinese saying that the lotus is a very pure flower, despite from growing in the muds. I thought that this flower reflected Mulan’s personality and this quote very well. As much as I love this design, there warrior silhouette that I added as a mask layer in photoshop isn’t showing very well. in addition, the design is too futuristic. I was also told to draw inspirations directly from the quotes keywords instead.

Design 10

For this design, I was partially inspired by tarot cards and hence I gave it an elaborate framing. however, it worked for me as it took the attention away from my main subject.i decided to encapsulate the flower in a black circle to draw the focus onto the flower. However, I have neglected one of the major keywords: adversity.

Design 11

incorporating the flower element above I decided to add and show the warrior side of her with a Samurai mask. But it is still too plain and I decided to open the design.

Design 12
Design 13

For these two designs, I tried to use diagonal composition where I placed her warrior side on the right and her feminine side on the left. As I couldn’t find a suitable Chinese battle helmet, I had to substitute it with a Japanese Samurai head mask. I used skulls to further accent her bad ass side. For Mulan’s feminine side, I used flowers. I decided to use halftone for the flowers to give it a softer feeling while I used threshold on the other side to give it more of a harsher and crude texture.