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Symbol of Hope: Translating into Graphics

Graphic Design 1 & 2 


For the first two designs, I tried going for the minimal style, trying to use basic shapes to suggest the form of the fish. Honestly, I didn’t like any of my digital attempts. I felt that it looked a lot better on paper. I think this is due to the geomatrical way i illustarted it with the pen tool. It looks rather stiff, as if its dead.

Graphic Design 3 

For my third design, I was inspired by Koinoburi: koi flag motif that is commonly found in Japan.

I really love the patterns that can be found on the body of the fish. This acted as the main inspiration for my design. I tried to incorporate as many Japanese motifs I can find, to see which would work better.

In the end, this design looked too messy and needs to be simplified by only applying one type of motif.

Graphic Design 4 & 5 

For design 4 and 5 I went down the illustrative route. The designs were inspired by koi tattoos. I love how the line work and subtle shadings suggested the form of the fish.

In general, this attempt was too illustrative and I had to simplify the all of the elements.

Design 6:

For the last design, I think I may have lost it when I was doing it. I went full abstract. needless to say, it is too abstract I need more elements to bring out the form of the koi.

scroll down for the “deciphered” fish

Yeah, I’ve lost it…


Simplify all of the illustrations, stray away from an illustrative approach, make use of shapes instead of line works.