Telematic Embrace

So for this mini project, professor Packer had us to think about negotiation, on collaboration, where the class sync up their actions and create a composite image. I had to sit out on this project, as adobe connect was not working on my laptop.

Creating the composite image was hard as seen by the constant exclamation in the rooms. Co-ordination for the different letter from required flexibility and communication.

The one composite image that I really love was when the class started pulling object out with the same color. Everyone in the class has such drastically different personality, but to see everyone pull a object out with the same color was very interesting. The object varied so greatly depending on the personality of the person. For example when the class had to pull out a pink object some of the girls pulled out pencil cases, wallets, make up, phones but En Cui, didn’t had a object. from that one image you could almost see our personalities in that picture.

However the part that I found the most intriguing was that, we were all in the first space, but we chose to ignore it and enter the third space. And even in the third space the arrangement of each person is jumbled up, thus distorting the distance between partner in the first space. for example Francesca maybe sitting next to Jocelyn, but in the third space, Jocelyn and Francesca are on the opposite ends.


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