Viscom II: EQ Nature or Nurture Infographics


I knew that I wanted to focus on eye flow in this infographics, so I decided to use a flow chart inspired graphics. This fit really well with the content I wanted to out in too. I tried using a timeline format. but the bold red line in the middle was too attention grabbing for the wrong reason. To the bin, it goes~

I really like the graphics and how it flowed. but the graphics were too small and I had a lot of empty spaces around.


  • throw in a background colour
  • enlarge graphics and play with the placements

So the graphics were a lot better, the whole poster looks more cohesive. but the eye flow is a bit counter-intuitive. The viewers are lead from the title to the red parts and then they have to go back to the top and read the orange. MORE EDITING IT SHALL BE.

I made the red illustrations bigger and used a gradient to tie the secondary information into the poster. but now the body text is too huge and there is a lack of breathing space



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