Designing creative approaches to responsive environments in public space – Response

Prof Nohe brought up some very useful points.

One was about designing through the lenses of different demographics instead of from just designers’ own perspectives. So that designers do not assume that users are all tech-savvy person, hence he needs to make the interaction intuitive and easy to learn. Designers also consider about kids and them being shorter, will not be able to reach the remote control if it is placed too high. So he designed the platform at a height where kids can reach.

There are a lot of external factors that need to be considered when doing the design. Depending on the geographical location, you might need to consider climate, weather factors, for example, if it might rain, there might be strong sunlight or strong wind. When considering these factors, designers then can decide if the sculpture needs to be placed outdoor or indoor; if the structure needs to be extra hardy; or should it be waterproof.

Prof Nohe brought up that he observed user teaching newcomers how to use the remote control.  We could think of the interaction between not only the installation and users but between users and users. With all these considerations in mind, then maybe we can create a better design.

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