Group 4 – iLight Proposal 2


Group 4 iLight concept proposal 2

Inspired by artist Akinori Goto’s dancing light sculpture, we aim to focus on the concept of “regeneration of energy and circle of life”. The sculpture paints a narrative of a life cycle frame by frame. As the sculpture spins, the frames join together to illustrate a story. Each time, there will be one user that spins it by just pushing the zoetrope, and multiple viewers can view it at the same time.

[Video: Dancing sculpture by Akinori Goto]

3D-Printed Light-Based Zoetrope by Akinori Goto

Theme: Lifecycle, regeneration

# of Users: 1 user interact with it each time and multiple viewers at the same time

Input: Users just need to push it and it will start spinning

Output: Lights and Sound

Possible Materials: Acrylic or 3D print, Zoetrope-like sculpture

Current questions and future considerations:

  • Scale of the sculpture, it if is too small it might be feasible
  • Design of each frame: might need a lot of manpower to illustrate the story
  • Should the narrative be more “literal” hence easy to understand, or should it be more open for interpretation?
  • How to get users to understand the concept relating to sustainability better

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