Response to Thoughtful Interaction Design

The reading talked about how designers are restricted by the qualities of the materials, whether in form of physical or digital forms. It is good to have detailed knowledge about the material so that designers can work well with them. Working with a combination of two materials can be a great challenge especially. However, designers should also open their minds during the design process to allow more possibilities, not dictated by the limitation of the materials. Because both digital and physical materials are constantly challenged by technology breakthroughs.

It also considers what is considered ‘good design’. Designers need to take responsibility for the outcome of the design. A good design is not just something that just fulfills the customers’ requirement but needs to take into consideration the technical, social, ideological and political consequences. The design process is so complex that designers should remain critical to any design theories, not just blindly adopt them, but reappropriate them depends on the situation.

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