Assignment Week 6 Digital Diary

Day 1

9AM – Checked email and messages

10AM – Checked email and messages

Opened Pokemon Go App

11AM – Checked email and messages

Viewed social media

12PM – Checked email and messages

Made a phone call

1PM – Checked email and messages

2PM – Checked email and messages

3PM –

4PM –

5PM – Checked email and messages

6PM – Checked email and messages

7PM – Checked email and messages

8PM – Checked phone for any notifications, messages and email. Plug my phone to charge for the night.

I observed that people generally used their mobile devices for checking email, messaging, checking social media, listening to music, watching videos and playing games such as Pokemon Go. This can be observed everywhere at work, in public places and on public transport. The reason for this is that we have become dependent on our smartphones that constantly feed us with notifications.

Day 2

Create a diary documenting and describing the difference in your behavior patterns. How did you do the things you would normally do with your phone? What other alternative behaviors did you develop? What else did you notice about the difference in behavior?

Going one day without using any electronic devices was extremely problematic but it was also liberating. The problem obviously was that school requires these devices, so I was not able to do work and was not updated about my classes and I could not coordinate with my group members for group work. I was not updated on the latest news and I was also very bored and restless, not knowing how to spend my time. So I ended up using my time to read books, go out, relax and bond with family. I was anxious and frustrated to be without any means to do any work or know what was going on. But, after awhile I became relaxed because I no longer had to bother about anything. I was more focused on what I was doing and I had peace of mind.


Author: Timothy Chan

Product Designer and Artist

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