Assignment Week 9

Problem: It can be dangerous for pedestrians when sharing footpaths with cyclists and personal mobility device users.


Solution: Augmented Reality Pavements

Augmented reality in the future may provide information on-the-go but this could at times be distracting and lead to accidents. This project seeks to conceptualize a more clutter free experience with a focus on features to keep pedestrians safe when walking along the pavement and crossing the road.

Problem: People are resorting to choping seats with tissue packets and personal belongings to avoid buying food and ending up without a table to eat at.


Solution: Seat Choping System

This system involves using the tap of the phone on a touch point on the table to reserve it and it activates a phone app which can be used to order food. When food is ready the person is notified and food is brought to table.

Problem: Commuters on public transport such as bus/MRT have access to information that is limited to a small display on the top of the windows.


Solution: Use windows of bus and MRT to display transport information