Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture – Project Illumination City


Idea #1 Self-Image and the City

People in society today are more conscious than ever before about their outward physical appearance. The invention of the smartphone with its front facing camera and the creation of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has enabled people to easily snap pictures of themselves and post them online which has led to an obsession with taking good-looking picture of themselves. This project aims to encourage people to turn their focus to inner beauty as portrayed figuratively by the beautiful literal image of the internal body as seen on the x-ray.


Idea #2 Lights and the City

One of the most recognizable features of the city would probably be the lights. Even from outer space the lights of the city can be seen clearly. Lights play an important role as they free people from the inhibiting darkness and makes the city beautiful. However, the extensive use of lights in the city has led to light pollution which is the intrusion on an otherwise natural or low-light setting and negative health effects of excess light.



Idea #3 Health of the City

The city is a place that most of us call home. However, rapid urbanization has led to air pollution due to human activities. The city is practically choking from the pollution. This project brings to light this problem by giving a visual representation of the damage being done to the environment in the form of an image showing ‘scarring’ of the “lungs of the city” if the city was a living thing.