Digital illustrations [My work]

C a t s

Memorial for our Cats

– A memorial work to cats that passed away in 2019. This year three stray dogs attacked and caused our hall cats died. A few of our old friends left us in this year due to diseases. I drew this to wish them to be happy and peace in the another world.

Cat Lover

– Work for NTU Cat Management Network (T-shirt designs)  by Emma Cheuk

Arduino Interactive Device: Flick to Win [ Yr2 | IM II ]


Collaboration with  Chai Mei ShanEmma CheukHow Yee TengLoh Wan Hui


Flick to Win is an interactive device developed with Arduino software and following hardwares:

– Wood panels
– Acrylic (2mm & 3mm thickness)
– 25x 10mm LEDs
– 25x Toggle Switches
– 3x Servo Motors
– Arduino Mega

IDEA (Assigned Theme: Obsession)

We want to show people’s obsession with winning when there is an incentive to win (in this case, the money). However, our machine is wired in a way such that it isn’t easy to win, so this would spur people to play continuously, to emphasise on the part of “obsession”.

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