Polyhedron Dreams. Process & Final [Y1 Foundation: 3D Project2A]


I was inspired by the mosquito coil that is in a spiral shape. In order to fit my first model, I changed the base to a triangle instead of a circle.

Experimenting using a sketching paper

I kept drawing triangles inside another till I couldn’t draw anymore. It looks like a maze. Then, I figured out the route to the very end by extending lines and erasing unwanted lines. I was satisfied with it and tried with another material: cardboard (that is stronger, perhaps can spread out nicely when I hold the tip)

1st attempt using cardboard:

  • Oversized, cannot fit into my reference model. I trimmed it so it could fit. After trimming it, there weren’t enough layers to look nice.
  • Adjusting width, size and number of layers of my model by crafting and experimenting(needs to fit into the reference stick model)

Creating the supportive part

  • 1st trial: too unstable, not appealing appearance
  • 2nd trial: supported by combining three triangles, very stable but kind of distracting viewers from my main part:  the triangular spiral. I wanted the ‘spiral’ to be the main object in my 2nd model.
  • Tried to use only one triangle instead. Cut out the inside of triangle so it coherence with my ‘spiral’ part
  • Created the bottom part, letting the whole model to stand itself

My 2nd Model

  • Satisfied,
  • It looks interesting in different angles!!!

Development of my 2nd Model


Development of my 3rd Model

My 3rd model- ideas

  • Wooden thin sticks: Replacing the triangle supportive part which i wasn’t satisfied with. Spreading sticks inside the model, outstretching the model in different ways.
  • Experimenting and exploring how to stretch the model, kept appearance of model appealing 
  • No big enough, with least layers. therefore, i created another structure with cardboard
  • Change of material: Cardboard isn’t hard enough to support. It bended when I wanted to stretch and turned it in different angles. I experimented using foam, foam is a strong and light material however it can’t bend. It broke when I tried to twist it. I also thought of other kinds of paper, such as mounting board, thick paper, foam board… I need a material that is flexible, and can also withstand and support the model -> pvc plastic and metal (wire: hard to make straight lines)
  • Kept it looked nice in different angles…
  • Cutting wooden sticks to fit my structure


My 3rd Model (Final Project)


So here’s my final model. I want it to look neat and unique at the same time. I like how the metal sheet reflects. General speaking, I think I achieve what I want: it looks interesting from all angles and doesn’t look symmetrical and rigid at all. But if I had more budget and more time, I would try to construct my model with another material.


Interesting to see myself developing and changing ideas through the 3 models. Learning through the processes and from others’ comments.

Feedback after presentation:

  • Choose of material: some parts are curved and straightened at the same time -> metal sheet should be used for study
  • Break out a bit more(extend more) instead of sticking to the tetrahedron shape. It still look as a tetrahedron.
  • Good: small details (e.g. rounded angles)
  • Simple but look complicated at the same time


Thank you for reading ?

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  1. – Simple but interesting enough idea to pursue the spiral as a test form

    – There was fair exploration of the final combination model.

    – There was careful risk taking in using a different material in the end to try to better achieve the intent.

    – New material introduced should be tested early on if possible.

    – The final model seemed little cautious.

    – Sometimes it may be worth taking a step back and considering a different idea/concept, it may then help to feed back into the initial idea that you had.

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