Photo Series Assignment [Y1 Foundation: 4D]

In this project,  we need to decide on one theme/ rule/ restriction, and take a series of photos which can convey a message/ meaning.


Final Results:

Ageing, Working

Ageing, WorkingPhoto series, 2018, Emma Cheuk Yan Wa


“Ageing, but still working” is a social phenomenon in Singapore. Some elderlies are living in poverty and have to work to earn a living. Questions appeared in my mind: Are their bodies healthy enough to afford every day workload? Are we responsible to help them? Elderly workers are in our society cannot be unseen them.  (55words)


Ideation, Exploration & Execution (Google slides link):


Feedback and Questions from Harry after presentation:

  1. Cannot really see the elderlies who are in black
  2. Why did you take photos of different person?
  3. Why not make the elderlies in black and white and audiences in colour?


Regarding Improvements and Answers:

  1. I re-edit the 2 photos where elderlies are in black:

2. To show elderly as a group

3. Too messy layout


Thank you for reading ☺


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