Game Design(Unity): Cat Parkour [Yr2| Programming]


Play the Cat Parkour at



Designing this game is not easy for me. Starting from scratch(programming and unity), this is the very first time that I employed a 3D system to create a game and also use a remote desktop for exporting it to a IP address. In my mid-term project, I used processing to create a 2D version of the cat venturing game. It is much more complicated to create it using a non-game development tool. Moving on using Unity,  adding scenes, modifying models and creating animations are challenges for me. It requires steps by steps self-learning, hours of frustration for a beginner like me. Creating this game is tough but I do enjoy it a lot. As a gamer and cat lover, I personally enjoy playing my own game a lot. I am glad to be able to play it on my phone whenever I am free.

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