Automated Utopia Reflection, “Doomsday Book” [ Yr2 | IM 2]


Our guest lecturer Bin Ong Kian Peng gave a lecture about Automated Utopia on March 20. He gave his insights towards artificial intelligence, machine learning and humanity. Exploring around the topic of whether AI will turn a society into a utopia or a dystopia. He used art and media works as examples to predict future scenarios.

Among the works, I am particularly interested in the film “Doomsday Book – The Heavenly Creature”. It brought up the concept of Robot Buddha and possibilities of AI restoring humanity and became humanoid robots.

Short Clip of “The Heavenly Creature”

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Reading Reflection: Web Art, Telecom [ Yr 2| IM 2]


The internet, The World Wide Web, has been dominating our world in these 30 years. As a tech and online enthusiast, I believe telecommunication features offer freedom of expression and structure and visualize information through multimedia. I decided to learn more about web’s telecom art through reading Wilson Stephen’s Information Arts: Intersections of Art.


The Internet as a public art space : HUMAN <-> MACHINE

According to Stephen, there are 4 telecom features of the Web that enable art to blossom online:

    1. Connectivity between Persons
    2. Collaboration and Group Work
    3. The Creation of Distributed Archives
    4. Internationalism

With the ever-advancing technology, I think the web provides a totally new experience for both the artist and viewers. Artwork can be created collaboratively with unknown netizens and displayed in both the physical and digital world. An artist community, Futherfield, created the term DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) in 2006 that means ” enables like-minded people to collaboratively work on a task, project or any other service. This project development technique is a complete execution of Stephen’s theories and thoughts mentioned in this 2002 published book. (WOW) I totally agree that telecom web connects people together, raises the possibilities of DIWO and lowers the barrier for creating art.

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Inspiring example of IA: Nam June Paik’s Robot K-456 [Yr2 IM II]

Nam June Paik

the father of video art and a leading Fluxus, video, performance, digital artist. He is a significant figure that redefine art in a new form, technology. His contribution and construction of foundation of multi-media art is undoubtable. Yet, his contribution is not really recognised in today’s world. When asking around whether people knows Nam June Paik, there is a high chance that people would say no. Therefore, I would like to introduce this amazing influential multi-media artist here!

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