Web Design (HTML + CSS) [Tuition Agency]


I chose to build a website with HTML and CSS programming language for an existing company. A official website for my own tuition agency startup, Matchamentor (match a mentor). 

About Matchamentor

A social media based home tuition agency in Singapore. We help to match students with top JC graduates and share free study tips for JC & secondary school students on our instagram accounts. 


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Expressicity [Exhibition Article: Mobile Application(iPad) Experience]


This projects aims to create and design an exhibition report in digital form (iPad user interface). The report bases on Expresstricity, an exhibition website made by another team.

All exhibition photos were taken from Expresstricity site,
Logo, layout and application layout designed by me
Article written by me

Design Outcome:

Portrait layout

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Ghociant [exhibition website design]

Ghociant is an immersive experience curated to force it’s viewers to look beyond what their eyes see, to challenge their sense of sight and utilize their auditory and olfactory senses.

In Ghociant, three young designers, Carol, Emma and Hamimah, have fabricated a nature walkthrough, composing elements of sound and smell from the nature around them. The elements are handpicked by the curators in order to maintain originality.

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Freelance work: Website Building (wix)

Website Building & Interface Design/2020

Freelance work for a house cleaning service company.  I built this website from scratch using the Wix software. I was responsible to design all pages by my own, made sure links are workable and arranged according to client’s needs. I was also required to translate all contents from English to Chinese to build this bilingual website and arranged both the mobile and website version of the site.


Digital illustrations [My work]

C a t s

Memorial for our Cats

– A memorial work to cats that passed away in 2019. This year three stray dogs attacked and caused our hall cats died. A few of our old friends left us in this year due to diseases. I drew this to wish them to be happy and peace in the another world.

Cat Lover

– Work for NTU Cat Management Network (T-shirt designs)  by Emma Cheuk