DOW IoT: WOpet Smart Pet Feeder [Yr3| InteractiveDev]

Internet of Things Device: a device that has a sensor attached to it and transmits data to another object or people through the internet.
WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder


WOpet Smart Pet Feeder is an internet of things device with camera, speaker and food dispenser.

There are 4 main features of this device:

    1. Voice Interaction
    2. APP Control
    3. Healthy Management
    4. 720P HD Camera

It allows pets owners to voice call, monitor their pet at anytime via the WOpet APP. There are inbuilt speaker, 120 degree wide-angle lens and wifi module for live streaming. It has a food dispenser for users to customize feeding time and feeding portion remotely. The overall concept is to let users to stay connect with their pets via mobile application and the device at anytime and anywhere even they are not physically at the same place with their pets.

Screenshot of WOpet product description

How it works

The WOpet smart feeder requires users to plug-in power/put in battery,  manually set up the timing and wifi connection of the device. They have to to also reload the pet food into the device.

After that, users can connect the WOpet App to the device and they are good to go. Simple and easy. User can then set up the eating schedule for their pets.

This video shows how to setup the WOpet smart feeder


  • Healthy pet management by establishing good eating habitats and controlling body weight  ( prefect for my cat who has obesity problem)
  • Customizable feeding time and portion without the need of being at home in person
  • Keep in touch with your fluffy buddy :D. It’s like purchasing a mobile phone for your pet.
  • APP interface easy to navigate. It’s a very straight-forward UI design. A photo and video gallery is also included.
  • Affordable device. I would say it is a rather affordable product, costing about $200 sgd with equipped HD camera, calling and feeding function. It’s an all-in device.


  • security issue – Webcam can be easily hacked  through user’s IP address. This is a common issue with all  product equipped with webcam
  • mobile application is not well-developed – The device works well on its own with manual set-up. However, some reviews mentioned the mobile app crashes for older models of phone and Wifi network.
  • Durability- the model needs to be replaced after 2 years of usage

Personal Thoughts

I would like to purchase the device if the mobile application has improvements in terms of stability and feature. Perhaps adding features like a detailed pet eating pattern report so I can know how much and when my pet consume daily. (a health report) It helps me to monitor their health in a more efficient way.


WOpet Sprite Ⅱ 7L WiFi Smart Feeder, 6-Meal

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