Kissing Machine. Final Project Development Drawings [Yr1: EI]

💋 A collaboration with Hamimah Salim

Initial Designs

Tea Making Machine: To mimic the act of your love making a cup of tea for you in the morning. The machine put the tea bag and sugar into the cup automatically. The Tea bag will be taken up after certain period of time.

Isolation Box: Provide user a private space. When people come near to the user, the light bulb on top of the box lights up and the alarm goes off.

Automatic Comb: Comb your hair just like your loved one did for you.    

Final Design: Take a MUA

Additional Required Electronics & objects:

Ultrasonic Sensor: to sensor when the participant approach to the machine

Servo Motor: to pull and push the lips forwards

Rotated chair: to observe how would the participant approach to the machine (to kiss lips-to-lips or to kiss on the cheek)

Answering the Questions (Emma & Hamimah)

  • How does your audience experience your project?
  • Is it for a single person to engage with your project or for multiple participants concurrently?
  • What is the interaction or situation you are creating for your audience?
  • What is the intention of this interaction?

Kissing is a non-verbal communication tool that are able to capture something that cannot be express with words. Thus, we decided to create an object that involve lips. This object will sense the distance between the user. As the user came closer to the object, the lips will protrude out. It was design to cater for a single user. Our initial idea was to create a self-kiss object with a serious tone however during the experimentation, it took a turn towards the humour direction. The intention of this interaction was to provide a way for him/her to express themselves.

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