Game Design(Processing): Cat & Orange [Yr2| Programming]


This is my mid-term project. I developed this game using the processing software. Here’s the demo of how to play the “Cat & Orange” game.


The “Cat & Orange” is a non-finished product and is my own exploratory of developing a simple game using Processing. Making a game with Processing is tough, since it is a “flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.” It doesn’t support complex visual nor 3D models. It requires precise mathematical calculation to get the canvas, character, objects right in place. It is a challenging process to make a game that seems so easy!

Based on this basic game theory and concept, I built a more mature 3D game(Cat Parkour) using the professional game develop engine- Unity.


Game Design(Unity): Cat Parkour [Yr2| Programming]



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