Ghociant [exhibition website design]

Ghociant is an immersive experience curated to force it’s viewers to look beyond what their eyes see, to challenge their sense of sight and utilize their auditory and olfactory senses.

In Ghociant, three young designers, Carol, Emma and Hamimah, have fabricated a nature walkthrough, composing elements of sound and smell from the nature around them. The elements are handpicked by the curators in order to maintain originality.

Employing website editor Wix, I design and build the site on my own. I was responsible to rearrange content and schedule user flow for a seamless user experience.

  • Emma (me) – website designer, landscapes illustrator, interactive card designer
  • Hamimah – 3D model builder
  • Carol – exhibition text generator, exhibition items illustrator


Visualizing an exhibition with minimal visuals

 – Fighting our own natural instinct to think visually

Working with greyscale

Depended on gradients and textures for clarity

Getting lost in the details

Reminding ourselves to focus on the bigger picture, constantly

Having to play different roles at different stages

– Reaching out to our teammates, supporting and helping each other 

Design and drawing of interactive card and landscapes

– Make sure the card is straightforward for visitors
– The landscape must represent the 2 areas 

Working with wix website editor 

– Limited interactive elements to employ
– Use the hover element to increase the interactivity of the site

Embedding and uploading 3D model to website, VR working 

– SketchUp online platform has no private sharing system
– Research on other online 3D sharing platforms/softwares that support wix embedding
– Choose to export the SketchUp file to Sketchfab via extension package
– Sketchfab- adjust lighting & +annotations + first person scale
– Get the coding and embed to website 

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