LEDRoom Sketch [Yr3| InteractiveDev-Sketch 2]


Make gestures with your phone that will be translated to the room lighting.

The elements of the system:

    • Your mobile phone,
    • Lighting of your room.

1. Attention Seeking Phone

    • A phone that wants your attention and dislike your over-attention at the same time, just like how my cats treat me ;(
    • lighting of the room: from dark to bright (blinking)- from red to yellow to dark (blinking)
How it works:
    • ¬†When you are not around, it would start blinking in white
    • If you touch the screen, it would turn red & yellow (imitating the danger sign) – sending the message of “DONT TOUCH ME”

2. Shake to on the torch light

    • intention: turn on the torch light with ease
    • lighting of the room (from dark to bright)

3. Draw two line left to change colour


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