Matchamentor Instagram Account [my startup]


Matchamentor is a instagram based platform to help the current JC & secondary school students to better cope with their studies and school life. We help to match the most suitable mentor and share useful study tips for JC & secondary school students.

Matchamentor (Match A Mentor)

We are Matchamentor, we match a mentor for you!

Our missions

* Provide personalised guidance for every student on secondary school/JC life and beyond ⠀
* Create a community for current and graduated students to interact ⠀
* Relieving your stress during this period of uncertainty

My Role in Matchamentor

I am the Co-founder and Head Designer of matchamentor (the only designer in this team). As a designer, I came out with all the design-related works, including the brand name, logo and instagram posts. I am responsible to decide which subject and when to post our content.

Instagram content

Our posts can be categorised into the following:

    • A-Level subjects study tips for JC students
    • General study tips
    • Tutor profile
    • Admin posts
    • Chill section (memes)

Posts Showcase (Screenshots of some posts)

Design of Tutee & Tutor form


Click to view our updated posts : @matchamentor

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